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Local Real Estate Professional Brings Home National Honor

BrokerAgent™ Advisor Honors Achievement

Scottsdale, Arizona – Now in its 22nd year, BrokerAgent™ Advisor celebrates the success and accomplishment of the industry’s finest real estate professionals through it’s exclusive ‘Certificate of Excellence’ Program.

Through proprietary criteria, formulas, and other valuable considerations, Detra Young-Anderson of Stockbridge, Georgia has been distinguished by BrokerAgent™ Advisor as one of the best in business based on achievement, potential, leadership, ethics, community value, experience, capability, and trust for their service during the calendar year of 2017.

“Detra exemplifies the type of professional we designed this award for,” says Chad Golladay, Executive Publisher of BrokerAgent™ Advisor. “A true credit to their company, profession, and community both inside and outside of their real estate practice; one with whom the honor is truly ours in being able to share this award.”

There is no cost or fee required for this award, and all applicant’s credentials are verified, which makes this honor one of the most genuine in the industry towards identifying those truly worthy of special recognition and distinction.

Detra Young-Anderson can be found in BrokerAgent™ Advisor's national online directory of award recipients here: http://brokeragentadvisor.com/brag-directory


Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with the purchase of my new home. Thanks for taking me by the hand and assisting me when needed. We told you exactly what we were looking for and you found a home that we could only dream of purchasing. And now it's ours. Detra you are the best. And I will let everyone that ask me about my home how great of a job you do. Thank you.  The Colquitts

Thanks, you were so professional through the short sale process. I know it was tough dealing with the other agent and bank... They frustated me the little contact I had will them.  So I really appreciated your patience and professionalism in this process. The Johnsons Thanks

Thanks for handling my short sale.  You let me know what to expect and everything turned out great.  I called the bank and the rep said they did not know how you were able to get the approval so fast. Thanks  John 

I heard all the short sale nightmare and I was scared to have to go through the process but you were great!  I can not believe you closed my short sale in 72 days from the day I first met you.  Thanks so much I have been able to move on and the bank is telling me I can qualify for a new loan in 2 years. Expect my call. THANKS Theresa L.

My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services... See for yourself why my clients say wow!!!


Thanks for all your support. When life's really difficult, it helps to have people like you to lean on. Thank you for making a hard time easier. You're simply the best. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me on this short sale.      Marci G.

 Detra,You are incredible! I still can't believe you got my mortgage payment less than half. You did what another modification company and even my attorney couldn't do. Thanks so much.  Greg V.
Thank you so much. You were able to stop my foreclosure. I can now afford to stay in my home. My kids get to keep the only home they know. This really means so much to me. Thanks!!  Laura S.


WOW!!!! You said your clients say wow! I'm still saying wow and everyone who hears my story is saying wow. You know I'm telling everyone I know that you got my mortgage to 1526.18 from 3313.86 WOW!!! James P.